There are some unwanted items in the fixed PST file. How to eliminate them?

DataNumen Outlook Repair/DataNumen Exchange Recovery is designed to scan every byte of the corrupt Outlook file and recover every piece of information recoverable, including the data fragments, lost & found items, as well as the deleted items. Therefore, in the recovered PST file, you may find other than normal emails, there are also deleted items, lost & found items, as well as email components, such as attachments. We do this because most of the customers may find all of these items useful to them after a data disaster occurs.

Normal emails are recovered and put back to their original folders, such as Inbox, Outbox, etc. While non-normal emails will be recovered and saved to “Recovered_Groupxxx” folders.

If you do not want the non-normal items, then you can simply do as follows:

1. Start “DataNumen Outlook Repair”/”DataNumen Exchange Recovery”

2. Go to the “Options” tab.

3. Click the “Advanced Options” tab in the left panel.

4. In the “Recover Deleted Items” group, uncheck all options.

5. In the “Advanced Recovery” group, uncheck all options.

6. Go back to the “Repair” tab.

7. Re-repair the original corrupt PST/OST file.

8. Open the new fixed PST file. You will find all unwanted items disappear.