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Main Features

  • Support all kinds of file systems, including NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and Ext2.
  • Recover files lost due to reformat of the drive, corruption of the drive or any other reasons.
  • Recover deleted files.
  • Recover streams associated with the lost and deleted files.
  • Scan raw disk data exhaustively and search for lost and deleted files of more than 430+ known types, by using an internal expert system with extensive knowledge about the characteristics and structures of the file type specifications.
  • Recover deleted files from recycle bin.
  • Recover lost and deleted folders and the whole folder hierarchy recursively.
  • Support Unicode file names and folder names.
  • Rename files and folders automatically when duplicate exists.
  • Use a simple wizard interface to instruct you go through the recovery process easily and efficiently.
  • Filter and sort the lost and deleted files and folders according to various criteria.

Free Download20+ Years Of Experience
Buy Now100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Using DataNumen Data Recovery to Recover Files on Your Drives

Start DataNumen Data Recovery:

DataNumen Data Recovery

You can select the drive or disk to be scanned, then click the "OK" button to start the scan process.

Note: Before scanning the drive or disk, make sure no files or folders in the drive or disk is being opened. And there are no other applications accessing the drive or disk.

Alternatively, you can select the following menu item:

Scan Image File

to scan an image file instead of a drive or disk.

You can also select this menu item:

Set Scan Options

to open the following dialog:

Set Scan Options Dialog

and set the scan options before the scan process.

After starting the scan process, the progress bar

Progress Bar

will indicate the scan progress. During the process, you can click Stop Scan button to stop the scan process.

After the scan process, if any lost and deleted files or folders are recoverable, you will see a preview of these files:

DataNumen Data Recovery

Check the files or folders you want to recover, then click Recover button, you will see the following dialog:

Set Recovery Options

You can set the output directory in the dialog and click "OK" button to start recovering the checked items.

DataNumen Data Recovery will then recover all the checked items for you. After the recovery process, the following message box will pop up:

Recovery Success Message Box

Then you can open the output directory and access all the recovered items.