How long will it take for your program to repair my file?

It depends on the following factors:

  1. The size of your file. If your file is huge, then it will take a long time to analyze since our program will check and analyze every byte in your file, which is rather time-consuming. For example, a 100GB PST will usually take about 10+ hours to repair.
  2. The complexity of your file. If there are many data and they are cross-referenced by each other in your file, then usually it will take more time to repair it. For example, a SQL Server MDF file with a lot of tables, indexes, and other objects will normally take several hours to repair.
  3. The type of your file. Some file formats are especially complex, which require more time than others. For example, AutoCAD DWG file is rather complex, so even a 5MB DWG file may take several hours to repair.