I am tax-exempt. How to prevent sales tax in my order?

We use MyCommerce.com and FastSpring.com to handle our online transactions.

  1. If you order via MyCommerce.com, then you need to pay for the sales tax in your order first. Then after the order is approved, send your tax-exempt certification document or a valid VAT or GST ID to us, then we will refund the tax for you.
  2. If you order via FastSpring.com, you can avoid tax charges by entering your legitimate VAT or GST ID in your order. The VAT or GST ID field may or may not be available based on your country. Countries from America do not have the VAT/GST ID field since it does not apply:  Then countries from Europe or Asia will have the VAT/GST ID field, as below:   

    You can click the “Enter VAD ID” or Enter GST ID” to input your VAT/GST ID accordingly.If you forget to input your VAT/GST ID in your order, or you only have a tax-exempt certification, then you can order with the sales tax. And after the order is approved, contact us to refund the tax.