My file is beyond recovery. What is my last resort?

If your file is filled with all zeros when using this method to inspect it, then there are no recoverable data in your file. However, don’t be panic. There are still chances to recover your data, as follows:

  1. The disk/drive where your file is located may still contain some recoverable data. For some types of data, such as Outlook or Outlook Express data, you can use DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery or DataNumen Outlook Express Drive Recovery to scan the disk/drive and recover your data from it. For other types of data, such as SQL Server database data, you can first create an image of the disk or drive with DataNumen Disk Image, then use DataNumen SQL Recovery to scan the image file and recover data for you.
  2. Any disk/drive or storage media you have copied your file to, or your file has existed on in the past, may also contain your wanted data. So you can also use the similar method in the solution 1 to recover your data.
  3. You can also contact us and describe the whole procedure of your data disaster in detail. We will analyze your case manually and carefully to see if there are still chances to recover data with any non-traditional method.