How to repair a spanned zip file?

Spanned and split Zip files share identical internal data and structures, differing only in the way their parts are named:

In a split Zip file, each part bears a unique extension (like ‘mysplit.z01’, ‘mysplit.z02’, and so on, with ‘’ designating the final part). Conversely, every part of a spanned Zip file has an identical name, for instance, ‘’.

Therefore, the way to repair your spanned Zip files is just similar to that for split Zip files(assume your span file name is ‘’), as follows:

1. Create a temporary folder on your hard drive, assuming it is C:\TempFolder\.
2. Copy on the first zip disk to C:\TempFolder\ and rename it to myspan.z01
3. Copy on the second zip disk to C:\TempFolder\ and rename it to myspan.z02
4. Repeat step 3 until on all the zip disks have been copied to C:\TempFolder\ and renamed based on their order. Note the on the last zip disk does not need to be renamed.
5. Follow the instructions in repairing a split zip file to repair the spanned Zip file.