How to Restore Individual Pages in SQL Server

In this article, we look at the concept of restoring pages in SQL Server instead of performing a file recovery. Many times, while using SQL Server databases, you might come across one of the pages in the application that is corrupt. When a page out of the complete database is corrupt, there is no need of restoring the whole database, you can simply restore the corrupted page. For restoring corrupted pages in SQL Server, you can either make use of the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), or T...

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How to Make a Multiple Choice Exam Sheet in Excel

As a trainer, you would have conducted several seminars to your students. Now it's time that you share an Excel workbook with your students which will help you to identify how much they have understood. Prepare multiple choice digital exam sheet by following this article. Download Now If you want to start to use the software as soon as possible, then you can: Download the Software Now Otherwise, if you want to DIY, you can read the contents below. Let's Prepare the...

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3 Ways to Quickly Insert a Table of Contents into Your Word Document

In this post, we would show you 3 ways of how to quickly insert a table of contents into your Word document. While reading a document in Word, you can use either table of contents or navigation pane to help yourself look through contents quickly. Yet when it comes to printing, the navigation pane cannot be printed along with document. But, the former does. Therefore, it's necessary to insert a table of contents into a Word document, especially a long one. Following are 3 effectual...

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