How to Get a Warning When Sending Emails to the Persons outside Your Company

If your company has an exact policy that you shouldn’t send emails to the persons outside your company, you can use the way introduced in this article. It’ll teach you how to use VBA to get a warning if an email is sent to outside your company. Sometimes, in order to protect data security, your company may demand you that when using business email account, you should only send emails to the persons inside your company. In other words, you aren’t permitted to send emails to the persons...

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How to Quickly Remove the Duplicate Outlook Items in a Folder via VBA

If you wish to remove the duplicate items in Outlook, searching and removing one by one will be quite troublesome. This post will teach you how to quickly complete it with Outlook VBA. In my previous article – “How to Quickly Find and Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook”, you can learn a trick to find and remove duplicate emails, which firstly sort the emails by subject, then by received time and then by attachments to find out the duplicate items and lastly select the duplicate ones...

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How Frequently You Should Run DBCC CHECKDB in SQL Server

In this article, we look at factors which a DBA considers before deciding the required frequency of running DBCC CHECKDB. While running SQL Server, corruption of database is the biggest fear of the DBA. And if that corruption is transported to the backups, it becomes even more problematic. To avoid corruption of databases from expanding, and becoming a part of your backups, it is important to regularly apply security checks to your databases. DBCC CHECKDB is one of the most preferred...

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