How to Protect Your Excel Files from Unauthorized Users

Excel workbook is used worldwide. Many use it as a simple database to hold data whereas several others use it as calculators or as a reporting tool. Somehow Excel carries our work and it is very important to protect these workbooks. Learn how to protect your Excel workbooks so that your critical data is always safe. Download Now If you want to start to use the software as soon as possible, then you can: Download the Software Now Otherwise, if you want to DIY, you can read the contents...

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5 Ways to Not Over Stretch the Last Line of a Justified Paragraph

In this article, we will demonstrate you with 5 ways to not over Stretch the last line of a justified paragraph in your Word document. While align texts in Word document, justification is one of the most preferred options. However, when we justify a paragraph, there may be too much space between words at the last line, especially while it's a short sentence. See the picture shot bellow: This is an annoying issue which will make our document formatting unprofessional. Here we list 2...

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2 Useful Ways to Prevent Reference Errors Caused by Changing Bookmark Text

In this article, we would like to show you 2 useful ways to prevent reference errors caused by changing bookmark text. Accidental Deletion of Bookmark Causing Reference Errors Now and then, when drafting a Word document, we often insert bookmark and use cross-reference to quickly jump to a specific location. Now here is today’s issue. If we change the text of a bookmark which has been cross-referenced, and update the reference field, we often encounter with an error message, such as...

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