2 Ways to Restrict the Editing of Header and Footer in Your Word Document

In this article, we would like to introduce you 2 ways to restrict the editing of header and footer in your Word document. As we know, header and footer of a document should keep its integrity so as to make the formatting professional. Thus, it would be nice to develop ways to prevent header or footer from either intentional or accidental modification. As usual, here are 2 methods we suggest. Method 1: Restrict the Editing of Header and Footer Manually To begin with, press “Ctrl+...

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3 Ways to Quickly Open Your Frequently Used Documents in Word

In today’s article, we are thrilled to share 3 ways with you as to quickly open your frequently used documents in Word. Generally, to open a Word document, we will go to the target folder first. And the procedure is much the same when open a document in Word. We would click “Open” command on “File” menu to trigger the open window. But the “Open” window only displays the folder you visit last time. This is certainly not convenient. Bellowing are 3 solutions devoted to solve...

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3 Quick Methods to Delete a Document or Its Contents in Word

In this article, we plan to show you 3 quick methods to delete a document or its contents in Word as required. It’s a good habit to clean up your computer by removing useless documents. While deleting files, here are 2 situations you will meet: Sometimes, we can easily determine whether a document is unneeded with a glance at its name. Other times, we have no choice but open document and check its contents before finally discard it. The following 3 methods shall list solutions...

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