How to Auto Archive the Oldest Email to a Specific PST File as a New Email Arrives

This article will teach you to utilize Outlook VBA to automatically archive the oldest email to a specific PST file as soon as a new email arrives. Outlook comes endowed with an “Auto Archive” feature. You can make use of it to automatically delete the emails older than a specific date range and move them to a specific archive PST file. However, you can only schedule it to run at specific interval, like 1 day, 1 month, etc., instead of as soon as new email lands into your mailbox. But...

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2 Effective Methods to Convert an Outlook Email to a Word Document

If you want to save or convert an Outlook email to a word document, you can use the 2 methods introduced in this article. Outlook doesn’t offer any native features to save or convert an Outlook email as a word document. Therefore, if you would like to achieve it, you have to make some extra efforts. Here we will teach you 2 quick methods. One is to smartly use “Save” feature. The other one is to tactfully use Outlook VBA. Please read on to get them in detail. Method 1: Use...

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2 Methods to Add an Email Sender to a Specific Contact Group in Outlook

At times, you may want to add an email sender to a specific existing contact group in your Outlook. So this article will focus on this requirement to offer 2 quick tips. When you would like to add the sender of a specific email to an existing contact group, in general, you will accomplish it manually. However, to be honest, it’s a bit troublesome. Actually, via Outlook VBA, you achieve it much quicker. Here we will introduce the two means in detail. Method 1: Add an Email Sender to a...

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