How to Create a Drop-down List in Outlook Contact Form

Outlook supports you to design forms, no matter the message, task, appointment or contact form. Have you ever wanted to create a drop-down list in the default forms? This article will take Contact form as an example and teach you to create a custom drop-down list.

When I create new contact, I tend to input the relationship with this contact, such as colleague, superior, friend, relative and others. In the past, I just created a new custom field called as “Relationship”, like the following screenshot:

Create a Custom Field

In this case, I can type the concrete relationship info in the custom field. But I still hope that I can customize a drop-down list, which can offer my frequently used options. Thereby, I can click the down arrow and just choose the relation instead of manually typing. It will be quite convenient. After some researches, I lastly find a quick method. Here are the detailed steps.

Create a Drop-down List in Outlook Contact Form

  1. For a start, launch Outlook and go to Contact pane.
  2. Then click “New Contact”.
  3. In the new contact window, switch to “Developer” tab and click “Design This Form” button.Design This Contact Form
  4. Next you should create a new page. Take the steps below:
  • Firstly turn to “(P.2)”tab.
  • Then hit “Page” button in the ribbon and choose “Rename Page” option.
  • Next specify a new name for this page.
  • Lastly click “OK” button.Create and Rename the New Page
  1. After that, click on “Control Toolbox” button. In the new “Toolbox” dialog box, hit the “Label” icon, namely the icon with Letter “A”. Then drag the cursor to create a frame for the new label.Customize a New Label
  2. Subsequently, right click on the new label and choose “Properties”.
  3. In the “Properties” dialog, input “Relationship” in both “Name” and “Caption” field. Optionally you can change the font settings.Change the Label Properties
  4. And then you ought to select the “ComboBox” icon in “Toolbox”, namely the last controls in the first line. Drag the cursor to create a combobox.Create a ComboBox
  5. After that, right click the combobox and choose “Properties”.
  6. In the following dialog, switch to “Value” tab and hit “New” button. Name it as “Relationship” and click “OK”.Create a New Field
  7. Now you can input the drop-down options and use the semicolon to connect the possible values, such as “Colleague;Superior;Friend;Relative;Others”.Specify the Possible Values
  8. After clicking “OK”, you’ve completed creating the drop-down list. You can try to run this form before publishing it. Click “Run This Form” button in “Form” group.Run This Form
  9. In the new screen, you can turn to “Custom” page and then check the custom drop-down list, shown as the image below:Check the Drop-down List
  10. Now you can publish this form.Publish This Form
  11. Finally you can apply this new form to all the contact folders. Right click on a contact folder and set “When posting to this folder, use:” to the new form.Apply the New Form to Contact Folder

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