3 Critical Security Best Practices Needed for Your SQL Server

In this article, we cover three critical security best practices that one must follow if they are using SQL Server as their primary production database. The security of SQL Server databases is something any organization would seldom take lightly. The databases belonging to an organization are not just a collection of important records, but also form useful assets for the company. If any organization or DBA gets careless regarding the security of databases or database backups, it can result...

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How to Import and Analyze Your Bank Statements in Excel

Unlike others, do not spend too much time and efforts in tracking your expenses. Follow this article and build your own income and expense tracker. This tool accepts your bank statements in an Excel format and then reads it to let you know where you have spent more. Let's Prepare the GUI The tool needs 3 sheets. Rename sheet1 as "Control Panel", sheet2 as "Summary" and sheet3 as "Database".  On the sheet "Control Panel", create a field to allow the user to browse and upload historical bank...

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How to Auto Archive Declined Meetings to a Specific Calendar with Outlook VBA

Outlook will auto remove the meeting which you decline from your calendar. If you want to still save it, you can use the method introduced in this article. By default, in Outlook, when you receive a meeting invitation, this meeting will be added to your calendar. However, as long as you select to decline it, Outlook will automatically delete it from the calendar at once. But sometimes actually you still desire to save it in another calendar, like a specific calendar named “Declined”. In...

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