14 responses to “2 Ways to Extract All Email Addresses from Your Word Document and Concatenate Them for Batch Processing”

  1. Не работает ((
    Пишет – Поле “Найти” сождержит неверный шаблон поиска
    Что делать?

  2. for get any special character use this
    for example i want to get email with ‘$’
    you just write it like that
    for auther axample i want this ‘-‘
    and so on
    good luck for evryone

  3. For the first method, please use this instead: “[A-z,0-9,.,_,-]{1,}\@[A-z,0-9,\.]{1,}”

    It includes periods, underscores, and hyphens in the email names being exported.
    The search text in the article worked, but excluded emails such as abcd.efgh@domain or abcd_efgh@domain for example.

  4. Really Helpful article, Many a time people hide hard earn knowledge but it may help really sometime to hard working people. Thanx a lot from india!

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