2 Smart Ways to Rename Your Document in Word

In this post, we will focus on presenting you with 2 smart ways to rename your document in Word quickly. Now and then, while drafting in Word, we will constantly change the file name. Yet each time, we have to close the document before being able to renaming it. This is totally not convenient. By default, we can’t rename an open file. But with the help of a macro, it can be possible. Following are 2 macros which can address such an issue. Method 1: Rename a Document in Word First...

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2 Quick Ways to Batch Extract All Hyperlinks from Your Word Document

This article is going to show you 2 quick ways to Batch extract all hyperlinks from your Word document, so as to follow the links. Every so often, there can be hundreds of hyperlinks scattering all over a Word document. In this scenario, if you need to follow a specific link, you must navigate through the document to find it first, which can be such a pain in a long file. However, if you export them to a new document, things can get a lot easier. Here are our solutions. Method 1: Utilize...

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How to Quickly Insert the Business Card of a Specific Outlook Contact into Your Word Document

When you’re composing a document in MS Word and wish to insert the information of specific Outlook contact, you can use the following method in this article. It will teach you how to directly insert the specific contact’s business card image, which will look more active than textual information. In my previous article – “2 Methods to Insert Outlook Contact Info into a Word Document”, I have introduced 2 tips to extract and add specific Outlook contact’s information into a word...

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