2 Quick Tips to Auto Mark Specific Incoming Meetings as Private in Outlook

So as to protect your privacy, you may always need to mark some specific meetings as private. This article will introduce you 2 quick means to automatically mark the specific ones as private. My previous article “2 Quick Tips to Batch Make Multiple Outlook Appointments Private” has taught you 2 means to mark several appointments as private in one go. But both of them cannot help you to auto mark specific incoming meetings as private. When it comes to automation, perhaps you will think of...

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What is Simple Recovery Model and When You Should Use it in SQL Server

In this article, we look at a simple recovery model which incidentally does not include log backups. A Full Recovery Model which does not make use of log backups is called a Simple Recovery Model. A Simple Recovery Model forms the most basic recovery model available in SQL Server. All the recovery models that SQL allows the users access to, are based on maintenance of transaction log, the feature in the application that decides how the transactions are logged, is the Recovery Model...

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How to Create a Portfolio Gallery in Excel

Sharing your portfolio with your Clients is a key step in grabbing a new project. Instead of sharing them multiple URLs or sending them big files, share an Excel file with all necessary URLs. When Clients open this file, all URLs will be converted to images automatically. Download Now If you want to start to use the software as soon as possible, then you can: Download the Software Now Otherwise, if you want to DIY, you can read the contents below. Let's Prepare the GUI To prepare this...

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