4 Causes and Solutions of Mail Delivery Issues in MS Exchange

If your Exchange server implementation is experiencing mail delivery issues, there can be several causes, which we explore in detail in this article.

Mail Delivery Issues In Ms ExchangeIf the primary function of an application is not working in the desired manner and causing inconvenience to users, it can be a big setback for the organization. MS Exchange is a mailbox server, and if users are unable to send emails through their mailbox due to some mail delivery issue, a lot of time would be wasted for nothing. To avoid any such kind of situations it is important to understand why this might happen, and how can one deal with it to save time. Given below are the possible causes for mail delivery issues with solutions.

  1. Sending mails using Exchange or Outlook is usually a work of seconds, but sometimes there might be some unwanted delays in the process. If that happens, it is advisable to check the MTA Stacks service for the server, and ensure that it is running. In-case you find it running, try restarting it. This might or might not work, but is worth trying.
  1. Even after restarting it, there is a possibility that you might still not be able to send a mail, in such a situation you should check if there is any kind of link failure. Make sure all servers can access Internet, even the malfunctioning ones, and all servers, routers etc are functioning properly. If you are only having problems in sending a mail and not in receiving the mail, the link is probably working fine. If you are receiving emails, as a failsafe save your email data locally onto your system by using an ost to pst conversion tool.
  1. If the server is only having problems communicating through Internet and not externally, there might be a problem in the server configuration. If the SMTP virtual server for Exchange has not been configured with the correct DNS information, outgoing messages might get stuck in the queue instead of being delivered.
  1. The problem might be a simpler one and cause delays in delivering the messages. Your messages are getting delivered but not on the right time, creating problems in the time of urgency. The most common reason why this happens is – hardware problem. You might have a disk with insufficient storage, insufficient memory, disk throughput or network bandwidth. The solution is to get a faster drive and get the queues moving.

Reach Out for Professional Support

Mail Delivery IssuesThese are not the only problems that can be causing a delay in your mail delivery or creating other delivery issues. There can practically be numerous reasons behind mail delivery issues arising in Exchange. The ones described above are the commonly occurring ones, and the ones that do not always take long to be resolved. To avoid problems while sending mails using Exchange, it is important to ensure all things are in place and that any possible delay can be avoided. In-case you are unable to figure out a reason for the delay, you can try out the above mentioned methods. In case the issue persists, consider taking professional support at the earliest.

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