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3 Quick Ways to Sum Numbers in Your Word Table

In this article, we will propose you 3 quick ways to sum numbers in your Word table along with the methods to update values. It’s been a universal knowledge that we can easily sum numbers in table cells in Excel. As a matter of fact, Word is capable of this function too. To know quick ways to sum a column or a row of numbers in Word table definitely can save us much time. Before introducing the detailed steps, you should aware that the rule to name a cell is exact the same as that of...

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2 Ways to Get Rid of “Configuration Progress” Window When Starting Word

In this article, we will offer you 2 ways to get rid of “Configuration Progress” window every time you open Word. When open Word, you may encounter with the “Configuration Progress” window. First of all, let’s take a look at when this problem will present. Situation 1 is that you install more than one version of Word on your computer. Then you are likely to come across the “Configuration Progress” window, when you switch from one to another. This is pretty...

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3 Quick Ways to Count the Number of Paragraphs in Your Word Document

In this article, we will majorly talk about 3 different methods to count the number of paragraphs in your Word document. After we finish a Word document, we may have to pay attention to the statistics of the document, such as the number of words, paragraphs, sentences, etc. So today, we focus on introducing the tips to count the number of paragraphs. Method 1: Use “Find and Replace” Function Firstly, make sure that you have saved your file. Then, click “Home” tab. Next,...

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