Word Document Recovery

2 Ways to Quickly Save or Close All Open Word Documents

In today’s article, we want to share you 2 ways to quickly save or close all open Word documents. More often than not, when we are surfing on the Internet, we would like to open multiple web pages at the same time. Things are the same when we are dealing with Word documents. After making revisions or just simply looking through, some of you may bother to save and close them one by one. Then how about learning some cool tricks to save your valuable time? Here are 2 ways you may find...

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2 Quick Ways to Split a Word Document into Multiple Ones

In this article, we focus on providing you with 2 quick ways to split a Word document into multiple ones. There are times we will have a rather long document, requiring a team work. Then it’s pretty necessary to split it into several shorter ones to speed up workflow. Instead of doing it in old-school way, like cutting and pasting, we have more fast methods to this tedious task. Just read on to see more. Method 1: Operate in “Outline View” First and foremost, take necessary...

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5 Useful Ways to Keep the Number Format While Using Mail Merge in Your Word

In this article, we will present you 5 different ways to address the changing of number format while apply mail merge feature in Word. Now and then, we will use mail merge function in Word to import a batch of data from Excel files. However, things can go in a very different way sometimes. For example, when it comes to data with decimals, we are likely to get a number with multiple decimal digits, which can undermine the document outlook. Below is an example: Therefore, we here pick...

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