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2 Quick Ways to Split a Word Document into Multiple Ones

In this article, we focus on providing you with 2 quick ways to split a Word document into multiple ones. There are times we will have a rather long document, requiring a team work. Then it’s pretty necessary to split it into several shorter ones to speed up workflow. Instead of doing it in old-school way, like cutting and pasting, we have more fast methods to this tedious task. Just read on to see more. Method 1: Operate in “Outline View” First and foremost, take necessary...

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5 Useful Ways to Keep the Number Format While Using Mail Merge in Your Word

In this article, we will present you 5 different ways to address the changing of number format while apply mail merge feature in Word. Now and then, we will use mail merge function in Word to import a batch of data from Excel files. However, things can go in a very different way sometimes. For example, when it comes to data with decimals, we are likely to get a number with multiple decimal digits, which can undermine the document outlook. Below is an example: Therefore, we here pick...

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2 Methods to Sort Alphabetically by Last Names in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we will provide you with 2 methods to sort alphabetically by last names in your word document. Basically, we are not alien to the “Sort” feature in Word. It helps us a lot in setting numbers and paragraphs in a particular order. And today, we will bring the topic of sorting alphabetically by last names if they are in sequence of: first name, last name. Obviously, you will not succeed in trying in usual way. While if you take our 2 ways introduced in the following...

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