4 Methods to Merge and Unify Two Lists with Different Formats

This article will look at ways to merge lists with different formats as well as their pros and cons respectively.

Chances are that when you copy a text containing numbered list and join it with another one, there could be two different styles or levels of numbered lists. Question is how can you combine them avoiding messing up the document content?

Let’s take the combination of two multilevel lists as an example. Following are 4 different methods to achieve the goal:

Method 1: Use the Automatically Created Number

  1. In list 1, put your cursor at the end of the line before the place where you want to paste list 2.
  2. Now press “Enter” and Word will create a new number automatically.
  3. Then copy the list 2.
  4. Paste it below list 1.
  5. Repeat from step 1 to step 4 to copy the content one by one.

Below is a video demonstration:

Method 2: Copy a Line from List 1

  1. First, copy one line from list 1.
  2. Paste it at the position where the two lists joint.
  3. Delete the list text you just copied, but keep the listing format.
  4. Repeat the steps in method 1 from step 3 to step 5.

Below is a video demonstration:

Method 3: Use “Multilevel List” Option

  1. Copy the text from list 2.
  2. In the list 1, right click.
  3. Choose ‘Keep Text Only” so as to delete the number.
  4. Next, select the text.
  5. Now, click “Home”.
  6. Then click “Multilevel List” option in “Paragraph” group.
  7. Choose one list style from “List Library”.
  8. Now the list 2 starts numbering from level 1. And you can also notice that the two lists are independent from each other. Select level 1 number in list 2.
  9. Then right click.
  10. Choose “Set Numbering value” option on the drop-down menu. Select Level 1 Number in the Newly Pasted List ->Right Click ->Choose "Set Numbering Value"
  11. In “Set Numbering Value” window, choose “Continue from previous list”.
  12. Then check “Advance value” box.
  13. Next set the correct number in the spin box of “Set value to”.
  14. Remember to click “OK”.Choose "Continue from previous list" ->Check "Advance Value" ->Choose Right Number for the Spin Box ->Click "OK"
  15. Now if you want to the list 2 start numbering from level 2, select level 1 number in list 2.
  16. Click “Multilevel List” button.
  17. Then choose “Change List Level”.
  18. And continue to choose one level you need. Let’s say we here choose level 2.Select Level 1 Number ->Click "Multilevel List" Button ->Choose "Change List Level" to Choose One
  19. Repeat above step 11 and step 12.
  20. Set correct numbers for both spin boxes of “Set value to”.
  21. Click “OK”.Choose "Continue from previous list" ->Check "Advance value" ->Choose Right Numbers for Both Spin Boxes ->Click "OK"

Now you can achieve the effect as below:Unify Two Lists with Different Formats by Using "Multilevel" Option

Method 4: Use “Merge List” Option

  1. Copy list 2.
  2. Put your cursor at the position where the two lists combine.
  3. Right click.
  4. Choose “Merge List” option.
  5. At last, press “Tab” to adjust the level number if necessary.

Below is a demonstration:

Comparison of the 4 Methods

The similarity of these 4 ways lie in that each of them can merge lists with different formats successfully. However, method 1 and method 2 both require repeat operations which can cost you much time; while method 3 can hardly merge lists with customized styles. Therefore, we highly recommend the method 4 because of its convenience.

Must Take Backups

To merge lists with different formats requires frequent operations in Word. Thus it has a high risk of causing file corruption. When your file gets crashed, you may resort to tools to recover word. But, if you took a backup, you can always turn to your latest one.

Author Introduction:

Vera Chen is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including excel recovery and pdf repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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