3 Practical Methods to Move around a Worksheet in Your Excel

Some basic manipulations in Excel are very clever. And in this article, we will introduce 3 methods to move around a worksheet.

You will certainly move around worksheets to check for some data and information. And except for using the mouse wheel, there are also 3 ways to move.

Method 1: Use the Scroll Bar

This is a very common method in Excel. But it is very useful in your actual manipulation. There are two scroll bars in the interface of worksheet: the vertical scroll bar and the horizontal scroll bar. If you need to move the worksheet, you can use your mouse and drag the corresponding bar. In addition, you will also find that there are 2 small arrows of each scroll bar.Arrows of Scroll Bar

You can also click the arrows to move the interface. For example, if you click the down button of the vertical scroll bar, the worksheet will move down with the movement of a cell. Thus, if you find it’s hard to drag the bar to a certain position, you can also use those buttons. And it is the same for the horizontal scroll bar.

Method 2: Press the Mouse Wheel

When you press the mouse wheel, it will change the shape into the original mark.Original Mark

And now if you want to move the sheet, such as downwards, you can move your mouse to the direction. The farther it is away from the original mark, the quicker the worksheet will move. In addition, if you don’t need to move, you can click the mouse or press the mouse wheel again. Thus, the mark will disappear.

Method 3: Scroll Lock

You may find that when you press the arrow key in the keyboard, the position will only move one cell instead of move downwards or to other direction. And if you need to move the worksheet, you need to press the arrow continuously. When the position reaches to the end of the row or column that shows in the interface, the worksheet will move. Hence this is very inconvenient. To solve this problem, you can press the button “Scroll Lock” on the keyboard.Scroll Lock

And the indicator of the button will light. Now, when press the arrow button, you will see that the worksheet will move. What’s more, if you press once, the interface will only move for one column or row. Hence this method is very practical.

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