2 Steps to Convert All the Recurrences of an Appointment into Separate Ones

It may be troublesome and difficult to delete and modify recurring appointments. So why not convert all of them into separate ones? This article will look at this issue and provide the detailed steps to you.

Outlook allows us to create a series of appointments with “Recurrence” feature. But when we find the recurring appointments have cluttered up our calendar, we will hope to turn the series into individuals and then delete the undesired ones. Actually simple 2 steps can accomplish it. Please read on to get them further.

Step 1: Export the All the Recurrences of an Appointment to a CVS File

  1. At the very outset, start Outlook and head to “Calendar” pane.
  2. In Calendar pane, you should switch to “View” tab and click “Change View” button. From the popup list, select “List” or “Active”.Change View to List or Active
  3. In the task list, you will find, only one appointment shows up, which contains a series indeed.Appointment Series
  4. Then go to “File” menu and shift to “Open” tab at first.
  5. Press “Import” button, which will bring out a new dialog box of “Import and Export Wizard”. In it, select “Export to a file” and click “Next”.Export to a file
  6. In the subsequent screen, choose “Comma Separated Values (DOS)” and click “Next”.Choose CSV
  7. In the latter interface, select the correct calendar which includes the source appointment series. And click “Next” button.
  8. Next you should specify “save exported file as”, follow the steps below:
  • Firstly, click “Browse” button.
  • And then select the destination saving folder, like “Desktop”.
  • Next specify a name for the exported file, such as “Appointment Series”.
  • Lastly, click “OK”.Save exported file as
  1. After that, click “next” and then “Finish”. Set a date range on basis of the start and end date of the appointment series.Set Date Range
  2. Finally click “OK” button to start exporting progress.

Step 2: Import the CVS File to Your Outlook Calendar

  1. At first, select another calendar folder in Outlook. If no, create a new one.
  2. Go to “File” > “Open” > “Import”.
  3. Then in the “Import and Export Wizard” dialog, select “Import from another program or file” and press “Next” button.Import from another program or file
  4. In the screen of “Import a file”, select “Comma Separate Values (DOS)” and hit “Next”.Import a CSV File
  5. Next you ought to select the file to import. As a rule, Outlook will choose the previous exported file automatically. If not, click “Browse” button to find and pitch on it.Select file to import
  6. After clicking “Next”, choose the destination calendar folder and click “Next”.
  7. Click “Finish” button. Outlook will begin to import it. Eventually you will get the individual appointments, shown as the following screenshot.Separate Appointments

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