How to Exclude Items of Specific Folders from Outlook Search Results

When you perform an instant search with a wide scope of “All Mail Items”, Outlook will show some unwanted items from needless folders, like “Drafts” and “RSS Feeds”. This article will teach to how to exclude items in specific folders from search results.

When we click into the search box in Outlook main interface, Outlook will select “Current folder” as the default searching scope. If you would like a wider search, “All Outlook Items” and “All Mail Items” are also available. But when searching in the wider scope, you will receive some useless items such as draft mails. Here are the elaborate steps about how to apply a search filter, excluding specific folders.

Exclude Items of Specific Folders from Outlook Search Results

  1. At the beginning, launch Outlook program.
  2. In the Outlook main window, commonly in Mail pane, you should pitch on the Inbox folder.
  3. Click into the search box to enable the “Search” ribbon. And select “All Mail Items”.All Mail Items
  4. Then you can have a testing search, such as searching “Outlook”. You will see, all the relevant items, including draft items, delete items as well as RSS Items, will show in the search results.Search Results
  5. After the test, you should switch to “View” tab, under which click on “View Settings” button. A new dialog box of “Advanced View Settings” will arise, in which hit “Filter” button.View Filter
  6. Next another new dialog box of “Filter” will pop up. You should shift to “Advance” tab.
  7. After that, you need to define more criteria. Follow the steps below:
  • Firstly, click “Field” button and choose “All Mail Fields” > “In Folder”.
  • Then in “Condition” box, select “doesn’t contain”.
  • And in “Value” box, type the name of the specific folder, such as “Drafts”.
  • Next press “Add to List” button.In Folder doesn't contain Specific Folders
  • Repeat the step (3) and (4) to add the specific folders which you wish to exclude.
  • If you would like to exclude RSS items, you should set “Field” to “Message Class”, “Condition” to “doesn’t contain”. And in “Value”, input “ipm.Post”.
  • After that, click “Add to List”.Message Class doesn't contain
  • Lastly, click a series of “OK” until all the dialog boxes are closed utterly.
  1. When you back to the search result list, you will find that all the items from the specific folders will be removed.Search Results in Filtered View

Note: The filter on the message search view is permanent. That is to say, from now on, every time you perform a wide search for “All Mail Items”, Outlook will filter out the items from specific folders automatically.

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