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5 Useful Ways to Hide Markups in Your Word Document

In this article, we will present you 5 different ways to hide markups in your Word document so as to view files in a clear way. It’s not uncommon that we insert all kinds of markups into our Word documents. Actually, markups like comments serve as a communication channel between authors and reader. Yet, there can be times when markups will mess up our document view and distract you. So it’s time to learn some tricks to hide them for good. In the following texts, we will introduce the...

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4 Quick Ways to Make Your Word Table Cell Accommodate More Characters

In the following article, we will provide you with 4 quick ways to enable your Word table cell accommodate more characters. While working on a Word table which requires fixed size, you may come across such a situation when a certain cell fails to accommodate enough words you need. Therefore, this article aims at offering you 4 different methods available in 2 varying situations. Just take a look and apply them accordingly. Situation 1: No Requirements on Font and Font Size First, if your...

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2 Quick Ways to Select Texts with Similar or Same Formatting in Your Word Document

In this article, we will propose you 2 quick ways to select texts with similar or same formatting in your Word document. Selecting texts is a vital part in document processing. And our need to select texts varies from scenario to scenario. So today, we come to the topic of selecting texts with same or similar formatting. First, let’s see when you are going to employ such a skill. Following are 2 situations: To check whether a text is set in correct formatting. There can be...

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