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5 Effective Ways to Input a Stacked or Skewed Fraction in Your Word Document

This article is devoted to showing you 5 effective ways which works well in getting a stacked or skewed fraction for you Word document. Generally, when we need to insert a fraction in Word document, we will just enter a linear one by entering a slash between the numerator and denominator. However, there can be times when we do need a stacked or skewed fraction, such as below: Obviously, we cannot directly type to get one. So there are 5 actually working methods in this writing for you...

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5 Quick Ways to Split a Table in Your Word Document

In the following article, we will introduce you 5 quick and effective ways to split a table in your Word document. Once in a while, you will meet the need to split a table into several for varying reasons, be it for privacy or teamwork. Anyway, you should know Word is totally capable of this operation and there is more than one way to complete the task. For instance, we catalog our 5 methods into 2 categories. Category 1: Split a Table Horizontally Splitting a table in horizontal way is...

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3 Effective Ways to Align and Anchor Texts in Your Word Document

In this article, we have 3 effective ways available not only enabling you to align but anchor texts in a certain place in your Word document. Every time we create a Word document, we don’t just pile up words, but have to take care of the file format. And one thing is to align texts, be it to left, center, or right. You could possibly use it when create a table of content, a resume, or a questionnaire. Then here is a question: how can you align texts and make them stay at a...

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