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3 Effective Ways to Put Texts on a Picture in Your Word Document

In today’s article, there will be 3 effective ways available for you to put texts on a picture in your Word document. Have you met such a situation when you need to add words on a picture and you happen to have no picture tool at hand? Been there, right? Here is the good news. Actually you can easily achieve this task in Word. So just take a look at our methods and you can say goodbye to complicated picture tools. Method 1: Simply Change the Text Wrapping Style Firstly, click...

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3 Quick Ways to Convert Tables to Images in Your Word Document

In this article, we will show you 3 quick ways to convert tables to images in your word document.  Why do you need to convert Word tables to images? Here are 3 main reasons for this question. To prevent from accidentally changing the cell size. Saving Word tables as images can help you make sure your table format won’t change anymore, so the whole document will stay in the way it is. Thus you don’t need to adjust it all the time. To protect the data integrity. Convert tables to...

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4 Effective Ways to Quickly Select and Group Multiple Objects in Your Word Document

In the following text, there are 4 effective ways which enable you to quickly select and group multiple objects in your Word document. It’s not unusual for some of you to create a Word document with plenty of shapes, text boxes, and pictures, etc. And there are also occasions when you have to select them to group so you can move them together instead of operating one by one.  Doubtlessly, the question lies at how to select numerous objects. So we will take the example of selecting several...

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