What to Do if Text Lines Go Beyond the Edge of Your Word Page?

When pasting something you copy from websites, sometimes you may find the texts extend past the margins of Word pages. In this article, we will introduce how to fit these texts within the edge of your Word page.

The ease of copying texts from Web pages considerably simplifies many tasks in Word, however, problem arises when you find the texts you just copied goes beyond the width of the Word pages, and sometimes even by a very large amount. This situation is quite problematic, as the texts that do not fit in the Word document will not be displayed on the page. Fortunately, there are some ways to fix this problem as we will mention in this article.

Adjust Indentation to Fit Texts within the Pages

An easy way to make texts fit within the pages of the document is to adjust the indent. For example, if the texts go beyond the right margin of your Word page, there will be a negative value for right indentation. Therefore, we can correct it by changing the value to zero.

  1.  From the picture below, we can notice that a part of the paragraph lines is cut off at the right margin. To correct it, go to “Home” tab, and click the “Paragraph” Dialog Box Launcher.Click the “Paragraph” Dialog Box Launcher
  1. A dialog box comes up, under the “Indentation” tab, set the negative indentation to “0” in the “Right” box. Finally, click “OK”.  Set the negative indentation to “0”
  1. Upon doing so, you will successfully fit the texts within the margins of the document. The adjusted page is shown as below.The adjusted page is shown as below

Fit Texts within the Edge of Page via VBA Code

Besides adjusting ident, we can also input VBA code to fit texts across the Word pages.

  1. On the “View” tab, click “Macros”.Click “Macros”
  1. In the pop up window, enter “AdjustIndent” in the “Macro name” box, and then click “Create”.Enter “AdjustIndent” in the “Macro name” box
  1. Another dialogue appears, then copy the code “ActiveDocument.Content.ParagraphFormat.RightIndent = 0” into this box. Finally, click the green arrow on the toolbar to run the code. Thus, you will get the adjusted page just as we have shown above.

Copy the code

Take Measures to Deal with Word Corruptions

All in all, we can certainly make sure the texts in our Word document fit across the page. Although Word is widely used tool, sometimes corruptions will occur unexpectedly. In order to deal with it, it is a great idea to opt for a powerful external word recovery tool. With its advanced scanning mechanism, this tool will repair the seriously corrupted Word files with ease.

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