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How to Design Your Favorite Postcard in Microsoft Word

This article is mainly about how to create a personalized postcard with the help of Word. Every time you send a postcard, where do you get it at the first place? Generally, most of us just walk into a shop and pick whatever meets our eyes. Why not make one by yourself? Just think about making a postcard that you like. Moreover, people who receive your card will definitely feel being respected. And here is our good news that you can totally customize a lovely postcard relying only on Word....

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3 Useful Ways to Fix the Incorrect Icon for Word Application and Associated Documents

This article looks into 3 working ways to fix the problem of incorrect icon for Word application and associated documents. Now and then some of you may bump into the issue of Word desktop icon displaying abnormally, such as below:        Yet, you have no idea of what you have done to get yourself into such a situation. Sometimes you may be able to open these files, but you just don’t feel right. So here we are to inform you the causes as well as solutions to the issue in the...

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3 Methods to Put Texts to the Margin of Your Word Document

In this piece of writing, we will present you 3 different methods to create margin texts in your Word document. Once in a while, we can see on brochures that texts are displayed on page margins. Therefore, in case you too, want to add some texts which are useful but not quite relevant to document content, we here will offer you 3 varying methods for you to complete the task in Word. Method 1: Set Negative Indent First and foremost, select the text which you want to put in margin. ...

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