How to Line Up Numbers with Decimal Points in Your Word Tables

You may have a column of numbers with different lengths and places of decimal points. By lining up them with decimal points, you can compare them more intuitively.

Have you ever needed to line up a group of numbers in a table with their decimal points, so that we can neatly compare them? However, no matter how you do with the paragraph alignment buttons, they just won’t line up correctly at the decimal points. Therefore, to align decimal numbers, such as weight of cargos or amounts of currency based on their decimal point, you should refer to the method below.

Line up Numbers with Decimal Points

While working with numbers, besides setting left or right alignment for series of numbers, you can also set a decimal tab to make a column of numbers align by their decimals.

  1. Select the column whose contents you want to align, and then click on “Home” tab on the ribbon.
  2. Click on “Align Text Left” button, in the “Paragraph” group.Click On “Align Text Left” Button
  3. Switch to “View” tab, click “Ruler” checkbox. And then the ruler will then show up at the top of the page, as we can see below.Click “Ruler” Checkbox
  4. Double click at the ruler where you want your decimal point to be. You will then notice a decimal tab appears on the ruler.
  5. In the following “Tabs” dialog box, select “Decimal” under “Alignment” and make sure you select “1 None” under “Leader”. And then click “OK”.Select “Decimal” Under “Alignment” In “Tabs”
  6. You will then see the numbers in the column start aligning by their decimals. And next time you type a number into this column, its decimal point will aligns at the decimal tab.Numbers Aligning By Decimals
  7. If you want to change the place where your decimal points are, you can move the decimal tab by clicking and dragging it.

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