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2 Quick Ways to Select Texts with Similar or Same Formatting in Your Word Document

In this article, we will propose you 2 quick ways to select texts with similar or same formatting in your Word document. Selecting texts is a vital part in document processing. And our need to select texts varies from scenario to scenario. So today, we come to the topic of selecting texts with same or similar formatting. First, let’s see when you are going to employ such a skill. Following are 2 situations: To check whether a text is set in correct formatting. There can be...

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How to Manage Your Word Documents More Easily by Setting Their Properties Smartly

This article will present you the way to easily manage your Word file by setting document properties smartly. Naturally, we will store quite a few Word files on our computer for regular access. However, over time, the number of our documents will only grow. Then we will have our hands tied in finding a certain document quickly. Especially, there can be times when we have several files with similar names. It is therefore that we will introduce you the way to manage files through setting...

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2 Quick Ways to Select Texts Vertically in Your Word Document

In this article, we will offer 2 quick ways for you to select texts vertically in your Word document. Needless to say, we all know how to select texts on which we can conduct whatever operations we need. Yet, most of time, we can only select texts in a horizontal way. The truth is we do have the need to select texts vertically. For instances, here are some occasions when you would like to apply these methods. Firstly, to remove unnecessary indents. We copy and paste texts all the time....

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