Word Document Recovery

4 Ways to Save Your Ink by Printing Word Document without Images and Shapes

This article is aimed to demonstrate you 4 different ways to print Word documents with images or shapes excluded. In many cases, we will insert quite a number of images and shapes while creating our Word files, so they can be more reader-friendly and easy to understand. This is absolutely an important practice to follow. Yet somehow, we want these pictures, shapes, text boxes show on screen only, for there is no need to print them together with texts. Considering saving you much ink, we...

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10 Useful Tips to Print Your Word Document Better

There are 10 useful tips in this article to print your Word documents correctly and cost-effectively in 10 different situations. Inevitably, you will have to print your Word file once you finish working on it. To print a document is not a rocket science, but how about doing it in an efficient and environment-friendly way? To name just a few, do you know how to correctly print on both sides manually? Moreover, do you know how to print a mirror image of your Word document? Anyway, this...

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How to Design Your Favorite Postcard in Microsoft Word

This article is mainly about how to create a personalized postcard with the help of Word. Every time you send a postcard, where do you get it at the first place? Generally, most of us just walk into a shop and pick whatever meets our eyes. Why not make one by yourself? Just think about making a postcard that you like. Moreover, people who receive your card will definitely feel being respected. And here is our good news that you can totally customize a lovely postcard relying only on Word....

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