How to Increase the Space between Text and Underline in Your Word

You can expand the space between text and underline in your Word to make your page better formatted. This article will give you some instructions on how to do it.

As you probably know, if we need to underline some words, we can click the underline icon in our Word. However, some letters, such as “g” and “y”, may overlap with the underline. By moving the underline down slightly, you can increase the space between them and solve the issue easily. And this article offers a tricky way to do so.

Increase the Gap between Text and Underline

For example, the bottom of the letter “y” or “g” in the words below overlaps with the underline.

And we may want to expand the space between them to make it look better. Follow these steps to know how.Expand The Space Between Text And Underline

  1. Type one space before and after the texts “DataNumen Exchange Recovery”. And then select the texts together with these two spaces.
  2. Switch to “Home” tab, and click on the “Underline” icon, in the “Font” group. Or you can press shortcut key “Ctrl + U” to underline the texts.Click On The "Underline" Icon
  3. Then you need to select the texts again, but remember to select only the texts only this time, without the two spaces.
  4. On the “Home” tab, click on the “Font” dialog box launcher.Click On The "Font" Dialog Box Launcher
  5. In the following “Font” dialog box, switch to “Advanced” page.
  6. Select “Raised” in the “Position” box, and enter a specific number you want in the “By” box. For example, here we enter “6 pt”. Note that the larger the value we enter, the more space there will be between texts and underline. Finally, click “OK” to save it.Set The Position In "Font"
  7. To remove the underlined space after your texts, just select it and then press “Backspace” on your keyboard to delete it.
  8. For underlined space before your texts, you cannot delete them using “Backspace”. You should first select the underlined space before the texts, and go to the “Font” dialog box again.
  9. Choose “Condensed” under “Spacing” options. And in the “By” box, enter a specific number you want. For instance, here we enter “4 pt”. Lastly, click “OK”.Set The Spacing In "Font"

Opt for a Powerful Repair Tool

As is shown above, Word allows flexible formatting such as expanding the space between texts and underlines. However, Word is not a perfect software as it may sometimes corrupt. Then you’d better keep the right set of doc repair tools at your disposal, which will offer unbeatable levels of performance in repairing severely damaged Word files.

Author Introduction

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  2. I tried the above solution but it did not work, instead, it works are superscript or subscript.

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