3 Method to Move Objects More Precisely in Your Word

Sometimes you may want to fine tune object placement in Word. This article will talk about how to move objects with greater precision.

When you move a text box or a picture in Word, they seem to be snapping to the nearest intersection of lines in the grid. But sometimes, we want to precisely control the placement of these objects. In this article will mainly look at 3 ways to move the object to exactly the location where you want.

Method 1: Hold Down “Alt” Key to Move the Object Precisely

For example, we want to move the text box below to exactly where we want. Follow these two steps:

  1. First, left click at the text box, and then hold down the“Alt”key on your keyboard.
  2. Then use our mouse to drag the text box to the new position you want.Hold Down "Alt" And Move

Because we have been hold the “Alt” key, the grid will not have effect on the movement of objects. But note that this method will only turn off “snap to grid” temporarily.

Method 2: Reduce the Horizontal & Vertical Spacing of the Grids

Since there is an invisible grid in our Word, one simple way is to minimize the horizontal and verticals spacing of the grid. To do it, you can refer to this section.

  1. Place your cursor on the text box, and then left click at it.
  2. Switch to “Format” tab, and then click on “Align” drop down arrow, in the “Arrange” group.
  3. Select “Grid Settings” in the drop down list.Select "Grid Settings"
  4. In the subsequent “Drawing Grid” dialog box, enter a small value in the “Horizontal spacing” and “Vertical spacing” boxes. For example, here we enter “0.01”.
  5. Finally, click “OK” to save it. And this will apply to all your documents.Set The "Horizontal spacing" And "Vertical spacing"

Method 3: Disable the Snap-to-grid Option Permanently

Another way is to disable “Snap to” option so that objects won’t snap to grid. And you can also turn off this option permanently. Follow this section to learn how.

  1. Head to the “Drawing Grid” dialog box again, by following the steps specified in last section.
  2. Click the tick in the “Snap objects to grid when the gridlines are not displayed” to deselect it. And then click “OK”.Deselect"Snap objects to grid when the gridlines are not displayed"

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