How to Select Custom Icon for the Inserted Object in Your Word Document

Using icons to represent the object you insert in Word is a great choice, as an icon is probably more recognizable by people. In this article, we will tell you exactly how to insert an object as an icon you select.

Word provides the ability to insert objects into Word documents. Furthermore, when you insert an object, you can also choose to display it as an icon. As an icon is more recognizable by people than some blue hyper-linked text, without which you could have difficulty referencing other objects. To use an icon to display as something that better represent the application type of an object, you can refer to the following method.

Insert an Object with an Icon You Select

In this section, we will take it as an example to insert an Outlook object as an icon to Word.

  1. Select the outlook file that you want to insert to Word, save the file to a folder.
  2. Open the Word document to which you want to insert files. Under “Insert” tab, click “Object” button, in the “Text” group.Click “Object” button
  3. In the following “Object” dialogue box, select “Create from File” tab, and then click “Browse” button to find the file you want to insert. Click “Browse” button
  1. Find the outlook file “article” in the following dialogue, and then click “Insert”. Find the outlook file “article”
  1. And the file path will show up in the “File name” box. Then tick the “Display as icon” checkbox, we notice that a default icon is displayed as the arrow points to. In order to change the icon to one that represents outlook files more intuitively, click “Change icon”.Click “Change icon”
  1. In the “Change Icon” dialogue, if it doesn’t have associated icons, then click “Browse”.Click “Browse”
  2. In this example, the default file path of Outlook icons is “C:\Program Files \Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE”, and enter it in the “File name” box, and then click “OK”.Input the default file path of Outlook icons
  1. Then a host of icons will show up in the “Icon” list, scroll down to select the icon you like. And then click “OK”.Scroll down to select the icon you like
  1. In this way, we have inserted an Outlook object as an icon we select to Word document. The icon is shown as below.The icon is shown as below

Take Advantage of Recovery Tools When Word Corrupts

In short, Word allows us insert an object as an icon that we select. Besides, Word features much other useful functionality. However, there is a good chance that Word may corrupt owing to a variety of factors. Understandably, it can be quite devastating if you attempt to open a Word file, while an error message crops up stating that the file has been corrupted. In such situations, it would be a wise choice to resort to an external recovery tool to repair word, which can repair the corrupted Word file with a high recovery rate.

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