How to Solve Common Picture Errors and Problems in Your Word

In this article, we are going to inform you of how to address some common picture errors and problems in Word.

From time to time, when you open a document, you find the picture fails to reveal or the Word only shows a part of the image. I assume you all want to find out what cause these problems and more importantly, what you can do to fix them.

As a matter of fact, reasons to these problems vary from situation to situation. Therefore, we here will provide you not only different solutions according to the specific problem but reasons which lead you to it.

Following are two main issues you may run into.

Issue 1: Display Picture Placeholders Only

Chances are that you open your Word document, but see images nowhere around but only picture placeholders, such as below:     An Example of Word Showing Only Picture Placeholders

This is because the “Show picture placeholders” option is checked.

Go through the steps as below to fix it:

  1. First of all, click “File” on “Menu Bar”.
  2. Next go to “Options”.
  3. Click “Advanced” option on the left side of the “Word Options” window.
  4. Please scroll down to “show document content” group boxes.
  5. Now you can see the check mark in “Show picture placeholders” box. Just undo it.
  6. Remember to click “OK” to save the change and close the window.Click "Advanced" in "Word Options" window -> Remove the Check in "Show picture placeholders" Box-> Click "OK"

The picture shall display normally by now.

Issue 2: Display Only a Part of the Image

Actually, there are two reasons which can possibly bring about such a glitch.

Reason 1: Picture Being Oversize

Once the picture is too large, the page is certainly unable to display its full size. The way to overcome it is listed as below:

  1. Click the picture.
  2. Place your cursor at points around the picture.
  3. Then drag to trim the picture to the size allowed.

Reason 2: Word Document Being Set with “Exactly” Line Spacing

In terms of picture set as “In line with text” wrapping style, you cannot see it in full size if your Word document is set with “Exactly” line spacing, such as below:A 'In line with text" Style Layout with  Line Space Set as "Exactly"

Go through the steps hereinafter to adjust the setting so as to display the image correctly.

  1. Click the picture.
  2. Next click “Home”.
  3. Then go to “Paragraph” group and click “Paragraph” to open the dialog box.Click "Home" -> Click "Paragraph" in "Paragraph" Group
  4. Choose “Single” in the list box below “Line spacing”.
  5. At last, click “OK”.

Choose "Single" for "Line spacing" -> Click "OK"

Be Aware of File Corruption

The very reason that we insert pictures into our Word documents is to polish them so as to make them look better. But we should always keep in mind that we shall never pursue beauty over security. Images can make file easy on the eye while pose threat to document security at the same time. Though it’s not difficult to utilize tools to recover word, it costs time and money. Thus, it would be wise to avoid file corruption at the first place.

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