How to Get the Accurate Time When an Email Is Marked as Completed

Sometimes, we may flag an email for follow up. When finishing it, we can mark it as completed just by one click. But how can we get the accurate time when the flagged emails is marked as completed? This article will show you a simple method.

In Outlook 2003 and older versions, when we mark an email as completed, we are allowed to see both the completed date and time. However, in the newer versions since Outlook 2007, the email will show the completed date only with no the elaborate time, like the following screenshot:Check Flag Completed Date in Reading Pane

But there is another method that can assist in showing the particular completed time. Here are the concrete steps.

Get the Accurate Time When an Email Is Marked as Completed

  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook program.
  2. In Outlook main window, namely “Mail” pane, you should shift to “View” tab from “Home” tab.
  3. Under “View” tab, you ought to find and click on “View Settings” button in the group of “Current View”.View Settings
  4. Then a new dialog box of “Advanced View Settings” button will pop up. In it, you need to hit “Columns” button.
  5. In the subsequently emerging dialog box of “Show Columns”, you should take the steps below:
  • Firstly, click the down arrow in “Select available columns from” field, and choose “All Mail fields” from the drop down list.
  • After that, from the following “Available columns” list, spot and pitch on “Flag Completed Date” column.
  • Then click “Add” button to add it to the right box of “Show these columns in this order”. Optionally, you could use the “Move Up” button to change the order.
  • Lastly click “OK” button, and you will back to the previous dialog box.Add Flag Completed Date
  1. In the dialog box of “Advanced View Settings”, click “Format Columns” button.
  2. Next in the new dialog box of “Format Columns”, follow the steps below:
  • At first, in “Available fields”, select “Flag Complete Date”.
  • And then in “Format” section, select the down arrow to enable its drop down list. And among all the selectable formats, you need to pick up the most appropriate one, including both flag completed date and detailed time, such as “Friday, October 14, 2016 9:58 AM”.
  • Lastly, click “OK” button.Format Flag Completed Date
  1. Eventually press “OK” button in “Advanced View Settings” dialog, enabling the new settings.
  2. When returning to the email list, you could put your mouse hovering on a flagged email. A ScreenTip will turn up, which contains the elaborate flag completed date and time in you selected format.Get the Accurate Time When an Email Is Marked as Completed

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