How to Crop Pictures to Different Shapes in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we will look at methods of how to crop pictures to different shapes in your Word document.

Now and then, you may have the need to insert images into Word files so the content can be rich and dynamic. Yet, you may also find that these images in common shapes are not eye-catching enough. Then there comes the desire to shape them as you like.

Speaking of picture shape, some of you may think of Photoshop. It surely can get the job done in a professional and perfect way. However, it can be quite time-consuming, especially when you have to learn to use the software first. Here we are going to show you how to crop image shape in Word.

Crop Pictures Already in Your Word Document

  1. First and Foremost, open a Word document containing pictures.
  2. Next, double click the picture. Now, “Format” option shall shows on the “Toolbar”.
  3. Click “Crop”.
  4. Then choose “Crop to Shape” on the drop-down list of “Crop” and you will see various shapes.Click "Crop" in "Size" Group ->Click "Crop to Shape" ->Choose a Shape
  5. Choose one shape you like. You can see the picture shape has been changed.
  6. Now, the picture may not fit well with the shape. In order to adjust, you should double click the picture.
  7. Click “Crop”.
  8. Then go to “Fit”. Click "Crop" ->Click "Fit"
  9. Place your cursor at cropping handles around the picture.
  10. Drag the picture or shape to adjust.
  11. Click “Crop” or press “Esc” to finish cropping.
  12. Continue to right click the picture.
  13. Choose “Size and Position” on the menu.
  14. In “Layout” window, click “Text Wrapping”.
  15. Then choose a wrapping style.
  16. Remember to click “OK” as last move.Choose a Wrapping Style -> Click "OK"

By now, your document can look like in this way:A Image in Shape Has Been Successfully Inserted

Set Shapes for Pictures Not in Word Document Yet

  1. To begin with, place your cursor at the position where the picture goes.
  2. Click “Insert”.
  3. Then click “Shapes”.
  4. Choose a shape.
  5. Now your cursor turns into a plus sign. Drag to create a shape.
  6. Double click the shape.
  7. Next click” Shape Fill” option.
  8. Go to click “Picture” on the menu.Double Click the Shape -> Click "Shape Fill" -> Click "Picture"
  9. An “Insert Picture” window will pop up. Just select the target picture.
  10. Click “Insert”.
  11. Then repeat from above step 6 to step 11 for proper adjustment.
  12. Similarly, right click the picture.
  13. Click “More Layout Options”.
  14. Again repeat from above step 14 to step 16.

Fix Word File Corruption

Admittedly, vivid pictures make our Word documents look great. However, Word file corruption can come to you once a while. Certainly, no one expect that. Still it shall do us no harm to enlighten ourselves of how to fix Word file corruption. Firstly, get to know the built-in function in Word for word repair. Besides, keeping a third-party repair tool at hand is a great alternative.

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