How to Batch Replace or Delete Multiple Pictures in Your Word Document

In this article, we will write to present you the steps to batch replace or delete multiple images in your Word document.

Since some of you may count on Word so much to carry out your office performance, it shall be necessary to master quite a few tips to make your work simpler and easier. There are lots of tricks talking about clever use of Word. Let’s say you may already know how to replace words throughout the whole file only in seconds, and even the way to replace words with pictures and vice versa. And in article “How to Batch Replace Texts with Pictures and Vice Versa in Word”, we also introduce the way.

Here is more. Following are two ways to help you operate pictures in Word file.

Replace Pictures with New ones in Batch

  1. To begin with, you need to insert the new picture into Word file. So, click “Insert” on “Menu Bar”.
  2. Then click “Picture” on the ribbon.
  3. Now there will be an “Insert picture” window. Just choose the right image you are going to use.
  4. Remember to click “Insert” to get it done.Click "Insert" -> Click "Pictures" ->Choose the Picture -> Click "Insert"
  5. By now, the picture is on you Word page. Right click it.
  6. Click “Cut” or “OK” on the menu.
  7. Go on to click “Home”.
  8. You’d better click the button on clipboard to make sure the picture you just copy or cut is on it.Click Button on Clipboard and You can See the Picture on It
  9. Then select several paragraphs or the whole document and be sure the selected area includes all pictures to be replaced.
  10. Click “Replace” option in “editing” area. Select the Text -> Click "Home" -> Click "Replace"
  11. The “Find and Replace” dialog box is out. Input “^g” in the “Find what” text box.
  12. And continue to input “^c” in the “Replace with” text box.
  13. Finally, click “Replace All”. Now you have replaced all original images with new ones.Type "^g" in "Find what" Box -> Type "^c" in "Replace with" Box->Click "Replace All"The Pictures Have Been Replaced by New Ones

Delete Multiple Pictures in Batch

To be honest, if you have learned the above method, then you shall find it quite easy to master this one.

  1. Repeat aforementioned step 9 to step 11.
  2. But leave the “Replace with” text box in blank.
  3. Click “Replace All”. Now you have removed all pictures in the whole file.Type "^g" in "Find what" Text Box-> Leave "Replace with " Box in Blank-> Click "Replace All"

Take Preventive Measures for File Corruption

Due to the fact that no man can avoid mistakes, we here suggest that you’d better accustom yourself to taking backups. This is perhaps one of the most common but effective ways to prevent your Word document getting corrupted.

Besides, back up your files regularly can also play a part in word recovery. Because if you take backup of your file at the moment you notice something is wrong, you will have the highest possibility to get all your information back.

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