How to Send Emails on Behalf of another Person in Outlook

In Outlook, after someone giving you sufficient permission, you could send emails on behalf of him. This article will teach you how to send emails on behalf of another person.

In the past, I have never realized the feature “sending email on behalf of others” in Outlook. But one day, my friend gave me a call and told that he urgently needed to send an email to his clients in case of missing a business deal. He said, he had gave the permission to me and wished that I could do the sending for him. Here are the detailed steps to accomplish it.

Send Emails on Behalf of another Person in Outlook

  1. At the very outset, start Outlook program.
  2. Then in Outlook main window, you can create a new email by clicking “New Email” button under “Home” tab.
  3. In the New Message window, you should verify whether there exists “From” button. If you cannot find the button, you could shift to “Options” tab. And then click on “From” icon in the group of “Show Fields”.Enable From Field
  4. Next you ought to click on “From” field, and select “Other E-mail Address” from the drop down list.From other email address
  5. In the new popup dialog box of “Send from Other E-mail Address”, you need to click “From” button.Send from Other E-mail Address
  6. In the subsequently popup dialog box of “Choose Sender”, you should change the “Address Book” to “Global Address List”. And then from the following sender list, select one.Choose Sender
  7. After that, click two “OK” to back to Message window. You will find that the selected sender has replaced your own email address. Now you can compose the email normally, say filling in “To” field, “CC” field, subject and email body.Compose Email Normally
  8. Finally you can click “Send” button to send the email out. When the recipient receives the email, he or she will see that in “From” field, there are “on behalf of” characters.Send Emails on Behalf of another Person

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