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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery(DODR)?


DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery (DODR) (formerly Advanced Outlook Data Recovery) is the savior of your Outlook data. As long as you have stored Outlook data files (.pst files) on your local drives or disks in the past, then for whatever reason you cannot retrieve or access your Outlook data, you can always use this magic tool to recover Outlook emails and other objects from the drives or disks for you.


Which types of Outlook data can DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery be used with?


DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery supports to recover all versions of Microsoft Outlook data.


How can I determine whether DODR can recover Outlook data from my drive or disk successfully, according to the results generated by the demo version?


Please just use the demo version to recover your Outlook data from your drive or disk normally in "Recover" tab. After the recovery process, a new fixed PST file will be generated containing all the emails and other objects recovered from the drive or disk. And you can use Outlook to open and browse the recovered data in it. Please note for the demo version, the actual contents in the messages and other items are replaced with a demo information.

According to these information, you can know whether DODR works on your case and order the full version to get the actual contents in the messages and other items.

Note: As soon as the data disaster happens on your Outlook data, please DO NOT write or change any data on the drive or disk where the Outlook data are located on. Then you can use DODR to recover your data. DODR will only read data from that drive or disk and will NEVER write or change any data on it!


What is the difference between DataNumen Outlook Repair and DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery?


The only difference between these two products is that they use different source data, as follows:

  • DataNumen Outlook Repair(DOLKR) takes a corrupt or damaged PST file as the source data.


  • DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery(DODR) takes a drive or disk as the source data. The drive or disk is the place where you have stored your PST files in the past.

So if you have a corrupt or damaged PST file in hand, then you can use DOLKR to repair the file and recover the emails inside the PST file. If DOLKR fails to recover the wanted emails, then you still have the chance to get these emails, by using DODR to scan the drive/disk where you have stored the PST file in the past.

Or if you do not have a PST file in hand, for example, you format your whole disk/drive, you permanently remove the PST file, or your hard disk/drive is broken and you cannot access the PST files on it, etc., then you can use DODR directly.


When repairing a file under Windows 10, I get "DODR.exe has stopped working". How to solve the problem?


If Microsoft Outlook is not installed on your system, you will get this error. Please install Microsoft Outlook on your system and then try again.

Alternatively, you can find another computer with Microsoft Outlook installed, then install and run DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery on that computer.


I failed to recover Outlook data from my drive or disk with DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery?


If you cannot recover the required Outlook data from a drive, you may try to recover the data from the disk containing the drive, if both fail, then please contact with our technical support: If possible, please also save the recovery log into a file(make sure the "Include System Information" option in the save file dialog is selected) and attach it in your e-mail.


How can I order the full version of DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery?


The demo version will output a fixed PST file containing all the recovered messages and other items, with the actual contents in them filled with a demo information. To get the actual data in the messages and other items, you need to order the full version. The price for the full version (single license) is USD 199.95.

Please click here to order now or get more ordering and payment information. We accept all major credit cards, Maestro (UK), giropay (Germany), iDEAL (Netherlands), Bank/Wire transfer, WebMoney, Purchase orders, PayPal, Checks and Direct Debit.

If your company or institution is interested in licensing DODR for several users, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a volume license.


What happens after I send in the order?

You will receive an email confirming your order shortly after sending the online order form. Then, within 15 minutes, you will receive a second email which contains a URL to the full version of DODR.

If you do not get your full version... or if you've lost it (Hey, it happens! :) ... please email us at . Please include your name, address, email address, and order confirmation number (if you have it). We will be happy to help you.