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How to Get the User Name of the Person Currently Using the Database via VBA

Need to know who in your business added a particular record? Or who updated it last? It’s a pretty common requirement, but unfortunately not one that Microsoft Access has built in functionality for. Simply adding a "last updated by" field to your table can (in many cases) be enough to meet most needs, but just how do you know who updated the record if Access can’t tell you? A little VBA code is all you need, as this article will show you. No need to create your own “login” form to...

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A Quick Overview of Exchange Native Data Protection

In this article we understand the concept of Native Data Protection present in Ms Exchange Server and look at points to keep in mind while implementing the same. The Native Data Protection options available in MS Exchange are so efficient and reliable that you can totally let go of regular backups for saving the data. The Native Data Protection in Exchange provides users with in-built features for protecting mailbox data, without making use of any backups. If you want to, you can continue...

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4 Ways to Quickly Insert Same Hyperlink for Multiple Times in Your Word Document

In this article, we intend to provide you with 4 ways to quickly insert same hyperlink for multiple times in your Word document. Now and then, you will have to insert hyperlinks to your file. However, every time you will need to select the text and then enter the Internet address. It’s quite annoying to insert hyperlink one by one, especially when there are multiple same texts which require identical addresses. To free you from such a shackle, there are 4 actual working methods for you...

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