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How to Create and Use Your Own Excel Add-Ins

Excel add-ins can provide plenty of additional features for you. You may even create and use your own add-ins for your Excel. So now let’s see how to realize this. There are numerous Excel add-ins available in the market. If you need to use Excel to finish your tasks quite often, you might have already utilized certain add-ins. On the other hand, even though the add-ins are beneficial, they cannot meet all the requirements. Therefore, you can create your own add-ins for your Excel. Follow...

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How to Create and Use the Scatter Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

Except for the lines or columns in a chart, you can also use the markers in a scatter chart to show data and information. In this article, we will show you how to create and work with the scatter chart. The scatter chart is a very special chart in Excel. Some special markers in the chart will represent the data in your worksheet. With those obvious markers, you can easily analyze the data and information. Below allow us to show you how to create such a chart. Create a Scatter Chart ...

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How to Create a Countdown Calendar via Word Mail Merge

In this article, we would like to show you the way to create a countdown calendar via Word mail merge feature. Now and then, there will be specific times for big events. In the imminence of the big day, say, the graduation day, excitement tends to grow and thus, to keep track of the date and days left, a countdown calendar will be a huge help. Now, instead of shopping one in store, we want to show you an economical way that is to create it on your own simply with the help of Word and...

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