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2 Methods to Copy Cells Based on Certain Criteria in your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes you need to copy cells that meeting certain criteria. And here we will introduce 2 useful methods to copy the target cells. In an Excel worksheet, there will certainly be a lot of data and information. However, those cells contain values that meet certain criterion will separate in different range. As a result, it will be difficult when you need to collect them. In this worksheet, you need to copy cells that is larger than 350. And if you sort those cells one by one and then...

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How to Highlight Cells via Data Bars in Your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes you need to highlight cells to make them different. And in this article, we will show you how to highlight cells by the data bars in worksheet. Some highlighted cells can representative certain information. Therefore, it is necessary for you to use this feature. In the image below, you will see the sales volume and the monthly sales growth of a product. Now you need to analyze the sales growth in column C. In order to get better result, you can highlight this column. Highlight...

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How to Quickly Remove Attachments from Emails Older Than a Specific Date with Outlook VBA

So as to keep Outlook mailbox in small size and prevent Outlook data corruption, it is suggested to remove attachments from the emails which were received or sent a specific period ago. This article will help you quickly accomplish it with Outlook VBA. As we all know, with Outlook mailbox larger, Outlook data will become much more vulnerable. Therefore, I get used to removing the attachments in the aged emails which are older than a specific date, since that I usually have saved these...

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