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How to Quickly Update a Linked Table when the External File Name is Changed

Linked tables can be fantastically useful (although not all the time of course) – particularly when you're dealing with external info that regularly changes. A typical example might be when a supplier gives you access to their current monthly price file. But what happens when they issue the file next month, and the file name changes from "Pricelist-01-01-2016" to "Pricelist-01-02-2016"? The first thing that will happen is your link will break, so you'll have to manually update it. Every time...

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Understand How In-place E-discovery Works in MS Exchange

In this article we look at the E-discovery mechanism present in Ms Exchange that helps organizations meet compliance norms. If you are using MS Exchange in your organization, you might want to search a particular content, in your mailboxes. In-place E-discovery is that feature, which allows you to search relevant content, present inside the mailboxes. However, you can use this feature only if you have access to the necessary permissions. It is advisable to strictly monitor and control...

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2 Quick Ways to Insert the Days or Time Left before a Deadline in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we will present you 2 quick ways to insert the days or time left before a deadline in your Word document. Every once in a while, when you are working on an important project, you will find that you have to keep in mind the exact days or time left before the deadline so as to adjust your working pace. Then it shall be a great idea to insert the days or time left before the deadline into your Word document, so they can remind you of the latest time left. In the...

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