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How to Easily Create a Step Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

Among all of the charts in Excel, the step chart in Excel can clearly show the data changes. In this post, let’s see how to create this kind of chart. A step chart in Excel has a wide range of use. In an ordinary line chart, you can only know the trend of data. But in the step chart, you can know the detailed changes of the numbers. Below we will show you how to create such a chart. Arrange the Range Now we will use this sample to create a step chart. Rearrange the range in the...

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How to Auto Fill Email Subject Line with the Attachment Name in Outlook

Do you often use the attachment name as the email subject in Outlook? If so, you must hope that Outlook can automatically complete it. This article will introduce a handy method to make it realized with Outlook VBA. Many users are accustomed to manually typing the attachment name in the email subject line. In such a scenario, if Outlook can auto accomplish it, it’ll be far more convenient. Also, some users often forget to fill the subject line. So, when hitting “Send” button, they will...

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How to Auto Print Tasks or Meetings As They Arrive in Your Outlook Mailbox

Do you often want to print out the tasks assigned by others or the meetings sent by others? Why not configure Outlook to auto print out them? This article will tell you how to achieve it with Outlook VBA. Outlook allows users to assign tasks and send meeting invitations to others. Have you ever received tasks requests or meeting requests in Outlook? Take me for an example. I often received this kind of requests from my superior. Since that these tasks and meetings are considerably important...

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