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How to Apply Conditional Formatting to a Pivot Table in Your Excel Worksheet

Conditional formatting and pivot table are two highly effective features in Excel. In this post, we will show you how to correctly apply conditional formatting to a pivot table. When you need to highlight cells based upon certain criteria, you might use the conditional formatting. Besides, you can also use this feature in a pivot table. On the other hand, in a pivot table, the rule of conditional formatting will be a little different. Now, please read on this article and see how to properly...

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How to Show Data in a Thermometer Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

When you need to show the data and information in a more intuitive way, you will certainly use a chart. In this article, we will show you how to create a thermometer chart in your worksheet. The shape of a thermometer is very special. And you can use it to show some special information. For example, you can show the completion of sales volume in the chart. The image below shows the sales target and the completion of a product. Now we will create a thermometer chart for this...

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2 Quick Methods to Get Your Outlook Contact’s Age

Sometimes, you may want to count your Outlook contacts’ age. But Outlook doesn’t have this function and manually counting will be error prone. Thus this article will introduce you 2 quick approaches via Outlook VBA. When creating new Outlook contacts, you can input the contacts’ birthdays. Then Outlook will automatically create the according recurring birthday events in your calendar. So when anyone’s birthday comes, you will receive a reminder. At this point, you must want to know...

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