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How to Disable the Warning Message or Sound When Permanently Deleting Outlook Items

When you try to permanently deleted Outlook items by “Shift + Delete” key buttons, you will receive a warning message and hear a sound. If you want to entirely disable the message or just disable the harsh sound, you can use the methods in this article. Sometimes, you may hope to permanently delete some items without passing the “Deleted Items” mail folder. You can select the source items and directly press “Shift + Delete” key buttons. However, at this moment, normally, you will...

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2 Quick Methods to Count the Number of Bullets in Your Word Document

In today’s article, we will present you 2 quick and effective methods to count the number of bullets in your Word document. From time to time, we’d use bulleted or numbered lists in our documents to organize items. Generally, a bullet point or a number leads an individual item, be it a word or a phrase or a sentence. Now if you have a numbered list, it won’t be a problem to figure out the total item number. However, what if there are bulleted lists in your word document? Simply...

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How to Get a Warning When the Number of Records in a Table Reaches a Specific Limit

One of the main reasons people move from using a spread sheet to a database is because the volume of information they’re storing has outgrown what Excel is comfortably capable of handling. But moving to a database doesn’t get rid of that problem completely as database tables have limits for the number of records they can hold too. But how can you know when a table is nearing that limit? Or when it’s simply getting too big and some archiving of data is needed? This article will show...

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