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How to View Two Worksheets Side by Side in Your Excel

Sometimes you need to check values in two different worksheets. Here we will present a method to view two worksheets simultaneously. The two worksheets may be in the same workbook or in two independent workbooks. You can view two sheets together by the method below. View Two Worksheets in the Same Workbook In this part, we use the worksheets in the same file as an example. You can see in the image below that we need to check the values in the two worksheets. Click the tab “View”...

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How to Present Your Sales Target in an Elegant SmartArt Graphic in Excel

There are many different ways to present the data of sales target in Excel. In this article, we will use the SmartArt in Excel to finish this task. Suppose you have made the sales target of November. You have made the plan according to the actual sales volume of the last month. It is very common to present those data and information in cells. However, you can also input the information into a SmartArt graphic to make the interface more intuitive. Create a SmartArt Graphic In this part,...

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3 Methods to Save Charts as Pictures in Your Excel

When you want to use the charts in other places, you need to save them as pictures. Here we provide 3 methods to save charts as pictures. Charts in Excel can reflect certain information. Thus, charts have a wide range of use. To use charts in other places, the most direct way is saving them as pictures. There are several different methods to realize this task. Method 1: Take Screenshot Screenshot is the most common method that we can think of. You can use the screenshot tool in the...

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