How to Quickly Insert and Delete Line Breaks in Batch in Excel Cells

Now you can quickly insert line breaks in batch by using the shortcut keys and the find and replace feature.

In our previous article 2 Quick Tips to Wrap Long Texts in Excel Cells so that All Contents are Visible, we have introduced two methods to wrap long text in Excel cells. Actually, if you use the “Ctrl + Enter”, you are also adding line breaks into cells. But you can only add for a cell each time. Here we will talk about insert and delete line breaks in batch.

Insert Line Breaks

In this image below, you can see that the width of column B and column C is large enough to show the contents in row 1.An Example for Line Break

However, the width is too big for the numbers in other cells. Therefore, you can wrap text in the cell B1 and C2. Instead of using the 2 methods in our previous article, you can also follow the steps below.

  1. Press the shortcut keys “Ctrl + H”.
  2. And then input the character “DataNumen ” (with the space) into the text box of “Find what”.
  3. Now input the “DataNumen” into the next text box.
  4. After that, press the shortcut key “Ctrl + J” after the characters “DataNumen”. In this step, you have inserted a line break. But it is invisible in the textbox.Replace All
  5. Now click the button “Replace All” in the window. Thus, line breaks will be inserted into all the cells with the same beginning of “DataNumen”. Besides, you can also click “Find Next” and replace one by one in case there exist some errors.
  6. When you finish the replace, close the window. And you can only see certain characters in cells.Certain Characters in Cells
  7. Now adjust the height of the row 1 to make sure that you can see the whole contents in cells.Whole Contents

Here using the find and replace feature in Excel can help you quickly insert line breaks in batch. This method is quicker than using the “Ctrl + Enter” if there exist same characters in cells.

Delete Line Breaks

In this part, we will talk about deleting line breaks. If you click the button “Wrap Text”, you cannot use this method. Because there is no line breaks in cells by the button “Wrap Text”. But it can take effect on the line breaks by using the “Ctrl + Enter”. Instead of deleting them manually, you can also use the find and replace feature.

  1. Press the shortcut keys “Ctrl + H”.
  2. Next input the character “DataNumen” into the “Find what” text box.
  3. And then press the shortcut “Ctrl + J” after the word. Here the line break is still invisible.
  4. Now input the “DataNumen ” (with the space) into the “Replace with” text box.Delete Line Breaks
  5. And then click the button “Replace All”. Thus, all the line breaks will be deleted from cells immediately.

No Line Break

In addition, this method can also be used to delete line breaks even if you don’t know the exact place. And it can save a lot of time and energy.

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